New work at Brighton Dance Festival 2017

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New work at Brighton Dance Festival 2017

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Start the Ball Rolling

Music: Run Lola Run Introduction
Guest Artist Repertory – Brighton Dance Festival
Performed at Festival Finale, August, 2017

Taking inspiration from the German movie Run Lola Run, in which a sequence in the lives of the characters is played out three times with subtle variations in timing that yield very different results, I set out to make this 6-dancer work as a study in theme and variation. One dancer comes into the space and performs a solo phrase. She then restarts the phrase, but a second dancer enters, altering the trajectory and reaching a new conclusion. And the phrase initiates a third time (by a new dancer facing upstage) as two other dancers enter to change the course of things again.

Recordings with my GoPro camera in the studio gave me footage I manipulated and distorted to create projected videos that accompanied the dance.