I am a creator, focusing my inquiries into movement and relationships between bodies.  I investigate the body’s potential for momentum and expressivity, and I am intensely drawn to the composition of ideas in space, of movements in sequences, and of these juxtaposed with other elements.
My interests and perspectives contribute to the unique approach I bring to choreography, performance, and improvisational work.  And I consider it work. I draw inspiration from the world around me – collected fragments, images, and designs I observe – and bring them into the studio to become the pulses and textures of my dances. Many of my dances are richly kinetic, containing curious logics that challenge the predictable and “known”.

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Would You – Duet co-created with Molly Paberzs, presented for Ann Arbor Dance Works
Start the Ball Rolling – Group work created on students at the Brighton Dance Festival

Play It  –
Group work created on students at the Brighton Dance Festival
iSelf  – Solo work with performance-driven technology, created for Ann Arbor Dance Works
GoGoGoFastGoFar – Group work created on Freshman Touring Company, University of Michigan

Be (a)part of something –
Group work created on students at Oakland University

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Perfect Time – Duet collaboration with Jessica Post

Inside Out – Group “rep” dance created at Wayne State

Come about, as the result of – Duet with projection
Subtext – Duet
Restaging of Isolated Proximity on 8 dancers at Wayne State University

Salient – Guest Artist Work at Oakland University
Faintlines and Isolated in Proximity Thesis Works

It Just Starts This Way – Duet collaboration with Shanna Daly

Bricks Under Bedposts – Trio

Béla Bartók Contrasts – Trio collaboration


Incessant – Solo

The Space of Language – Choreography for multi-media project led by UofM Professor Thylias Moss

Older Works:

Outdoor Quartet (Excerpt)

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