These are professional, faculty, and student choreographers & directors for whom I have recently performed:

Love With[out] Effeminacy – Duet perfrormance with Jillian Hopper, 2016 Detroit Dance City Festival, Detroit, MI


Shame: A Fragrance by Calvin Klein – Duet performance with Susie Thiel, 2015 Detroit Dance City Festival, Detroit, MI

Periapsis Dance Inaugural Concert – Roulette, Brooklyn, NY – Invited guest artists paired with composers. Expanded It Just Starts This Way to three sections with Shanna Daly. 

Hunger for the Longing (a biased history of seduction) – Group performance with ChavasseDance&Performance


The Business of Living – Jillian Hopper MFA Thesis


Against the Grain – Group work by Anna McGarry/ AUXwerx Dance
Improvisational performance in Media Arts MFA candidate Cathy Chen’s thesis work.
Towards a Sudden Silence – Group work choreographed by UofM Assistant Professor Melissa Beck

Questions That Tempt the Sleeper – Lead Acting Role in original play by UofM Professor Mary Simoni

Out of Thin Air – Lightness – Group work choreographed by UofM Professor Jessica Fogel

Entranced Bumbling Glances, Bottomless Chances – Duet choreographed by Susie Thiel

Hijos de la Luna – Group work choreographed by Esduardo Mariscal

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