Performing Geography:
Composition, Navigation, and Mapping the Mind

Performances at University of Michigan March 25th & 26th, 2011

For this project I investigated questions about how people choose to navigate through spaces and the internal and external landscapes that change, and are changed by, our choices to go in certain directions. I conducted site-specific research and developed movement material in urban landscapes throughout Europe in July and August, 2010.

This research involved 1) daily navigations, 2) the development of composed phrases and improvised movement material in specific locations along the route, and 3) the creation of visual maps of these journeys.

I also attended TransContact, an international Contact Improvisation festival in Cluj, Romania as part of my trip and research.

Examples of site-specific recorded material:

Berlin Bridge Phrase     Feet on Stones     Brussels Improvisation

Returning to the studio in the fall, I drew upon the materials created in Europe – the videos and maps – but also on photographs, songs, smells and sensations to create the solo and group works.  Both processes were very collaborative, involving a number of other artists: musicians, visual artists, and performing arts technology students and faculty.

Read more about my process on my blog:

There are specific sections for the Group, the Solo, and some inspiring found Images, as well as general thinking about collaboration and navigation.







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